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My Femmeluxe new clothes!


dress - click here
light pink joggers - click here
grey joggers - click here
nude joggers - click here

Hello guys! 
In today's post I have some news for You from Femmeluxe.co.uk :-) The most fashionable joggers this season and a black mini dress for special occasions :-) Do You like it? Because I'm in love with my new clothes:-) Be sure to check the store's offer now to take advantage of bargain prices and refresh Your wardrobe before the end of the year :-) If you are looking for trousers or jeans for everyday use, check the website :-) You will find a huge selection of patterns, colors and styles. For those of You who are looking for a unique outfit for the upcoming holidays, I recommend looking here for bodysuits or corset dress. See photos of my purchases :-) I hope they will inspire You a little bit :-) All items are in small size, I'm wearing 6 :-) I really like my new joggers. When I'm staying at home a lot in this year they are very great for me. I can also making exercises everyday :-)  During my pregnancy I really like comfortable clothes. This little black dress I will wear on Holiday party in my home :-) I'm so excieted I can't wait :-)

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