wtorek, 30 lipca 2019

Electric Skateboards from www.strailboard.com

In today's post I will tell You about the best Electric Skateboard. You can find a lot of them on the internet, but you know which ones are the best? I come to help with help. I found a great site with electric boards www.StrailBoard.com. 
What Strailboard is? Strailboard is the best for Electric Skateboard riders! Strailboard is a company including designing, manufacturing, marketing and service of Electric Longboards and Motorised Skateboard. StrailBoard is one eboard major brand in the company which exerts to create high quality e-skateboard and eboard for 5 years.
Why is it worth paying attention to them? You will find: regenrative brakes the strailboard - recharges the battery when you brake, replaceable motor lastest dual 250watt hub motors easily, replaceable PU wheels waterproof ESC smoother acceleration and braking performance, replaceable spare parts replacement, you can easily buy all DIY electric skateboard kit accessories . These are some of the best boards on the market at a great price. The products of this company have a lot of positive opinions because they are of high quality. I think you will also be happy with your purchase, so do not wait :-) Such an electric board is an ideal holiday thing. You can use it alone, but children can also play with it. The battery allows for a very long fun outdoors. I liked Strailboard Mini Plus Skateboard support waterproof and shockproof, come with the stable ESC and 3 speed remote. With up to 30km battery, Strailboard Mini Plus build in Power Display, you can check the Power of battery.Strailboard Mini Plus e-skateboard is a perfect choice for urban environments, roads, and neighborhoods.

poniedziałek, 24 czerwca 2019

Tiptopfree.com Summer Dresses

In summer I like to wear dresses the most. I like both short and long ones. 
In the online store Tiptopfree.com I found fantastic womens skater dresses
For today's post, I chose the ones that I liked the most. This yellow has a fantastic summer color. 
The others have motifs that I will never get bored with :-) Flowers, stripes and exotic designs look amazing on womens vacation dresses. In the summer I often like to change the style, which is why low prices of dresses are very important to me. At Tiptopfree.com, there is a sale that You must necessarily make use of! :-) Do not miss the attractive prices of fashionable dresses. 
Have a nice day! :-)

xoxo Alex

wtorek, 18 czerwca 2019

Fyystore.com leather accessories

Have You heard about Fyystore.com? Recently looking for a case for my phone I found this online store. The offer includes a lot of accessories for Your internet equipment made of leather. 
From classic models to interesting design. For myself, I chose a case for my iPhone, a black card holder with a charming gold bow and an iPad case. The choice is very large :-) 
Fyystore.com products You can also find on Amazon :-) 
I have chosen a few proposals for You which You will find below :-)

 xoxo Alex

środa, 12 czerwca 2019

Baggining.com Top Bags On Summer 2019

In today's post I have prepared for You several fashionable handbags and backpacks for the summer. It is an inseparable element of every stylization and a very important thing for a woman. 
On the Baginning.com website there is a lot to choose from. This summer, clear backpacks and holographic bags are on the top. They can not be missing in Your wardrobe. 
In the Baggining.com online store, I found handbag offers at great prices. It's really worth it! 
Do not wait to order Yours because they sell out quickly. I really liked the party fanny pack they are cute! It will fit lipstick and phone - two things without which I do not leave my home :-) 
Check out summer party fanny pack as a complement to Your summer festival style!

xoxo Alex

poniedziałek, 6 maja 2019

BerryLook.com Sandals And Swimsuits Trends 2019

The season for bathing suits and sandals has just begun. In today's post, a few words about trends for this season. I waited for the first warm days with longing and finally came! :-) 
I started to complete sets of clothes for spring and summer. The online store BerryLook.com is helping me with a great offer of swimsuits and shoes. I often visit a lot on vacation. 
It is rare to lie down on the beach. 
If it sounds familiar to you, you should check the offer of cheap swimwear at the BerryLook.com store. The latest trends, fashionable stripes, tunics for the beach, which I simply love!
When it comes to summer shoes, I definitely like to show feet. Flat sandals are perfect for shorts, those wedges I like to wear for maxi and mini dresses, and those more decorated I put on jeans :-) Check out the offer of cute sandals at great prices :-)

xoxo Alex


Sezon na kostiumy kąpielowe i sandały właśnie się zaczął. W dzisiejszym poście kilka słów o trendach na ten sezon. Z utęsknieniem czekałam na pierwsze ciepłe dni i nareszcie nadeszły! :-) Zaczęłam kompletować zestawy ubrań na wiosnę i lato. Z pomocą przychodzi mi sklep internetowy BerryLook.com, który ma świetną ofertę kostiumów kąpielowych i butów. 
Bardzo często będąc na urlopie dużo zwiedzam. Do rzadkości należy wylegiwanie się na plaży. 
Jeżeli brzmi to dla Was znajomo to kniecznie powinnyście sprawdzić ofertę tanich kostiumów kąpielowych w sklepie BerryLook.com. Najnowsze trendy, modne paski, tuniki na plażę, które wprost uwielbiam! 
Jeśli chodzi o buty na lato to zdecydowanie lubię pokazywać stopy. Płaskie sandały są idealne do szortów, te na koturnie lubię zakładać do sukienek maxi i mini, a te bardziej ozdobione zakładam do jeansów :-) Koniecznie sprawdźcie ofertę uroczych sandałków w świetnych cenach :-)

piątek, 26 kwietnia 2019

Spring Salad With Chicken

I am a fan of salads with fresh vegetables. Today's recipe is very simple, but I add dressing, which I do myself, to my salad. Stainless Steel Cutlery that You see in the pictures is for my new purchase from Dresslily.com link to them here.

What do you need?

1 iceberg lettuce
1 grilled chicken or turkey breast
a handful of cherry tomatoes or 1 large tomato
1/2 red pepper
1/2 red onion
2 handfuls of roasted beans in a pan of sunflower seeds
a handful of yellow cheese grated on large mesh

3 tablespoons of honey mustard
juice from 1 lemon
finely chopped dill or parsley in small quantities


Jestem miłośniczką sałatek ze świeżymi warzywami. Dzisiejszy przepis jest bardzo prosty, ale mojej sałatce wyjątkowego smaku dodaje dressing, który sama robię. Sztućce, które widzicie na zdjęciach to mój nowy nabytek od Dresslily.com link do nich znajdziecie klikając tutaj.

Co potrzebujesz?

1 sałata lodowa
1 grilowana pierś kurczaka lub indyka
garść pomidorków koktailowych lub 1 duży pomidor
1/2 czerwonej papryki
1/2 czerwonej cebuli
2 garści prażonych na patelni ziaren słonecznika
garść żółtego sera startego na dużych oczkach

3 łyżki musztardy miodowej lub zwykłej
sok z 1 cytryny
drobno posiekany koper lub natka pietruszki w niedużych ilościach

xoxo Alex

środa, 3 kwietnia 2019

Spring Walk In Warsaw

coat / płaszcz - stradivarius
jeans / jeansy - levi's
shoes / buty - h&m
gloves / rękawiczki - reserved
bag / torebka - monnari
glasses / okulary - michael kors
biżuteria / jewelry - tiffany&co
top / top - forever21

Spring has definitely come. Trees and shrubs begin to grow green, and thick jackets can be buried deep in the closet :-) In today's post You can see a gray not very thick coat and ankle boots :-) 
I love spring and subdued pastel colors :-) 
And You? What did You miss over the winter? :-)


Wiosna zdecydowanie nadeszła. Drzewa i krzewy zaczynają się zielenić, a grube kurtki możemy zakopać głęboko w szafie :-) W dzisiejszym poście możecie zobaczyć szary lekki płaszczyk i botki na szpilce :-) Uwielbiam wiosnę i stonowane, pastelowe kolory :-) 
A wy? Za czym stęskniłyście się przez zimę? :-)

xoxo Alex