piątek, 7 kwietnia 2017

Summer Ideas And Giveaway!

Looking for a bathing suit for the summer of 2017, I went to the StyleWe shop. 
I have a lot of two-piece bathing suits, but I'm missing a halter tankini. One-piece beach suits returned to fashion a few years ago, which made me happy. They look very fashionable and sexy. 
Together with the online store StyleWe I have selected several tankini deals for You, which You can see below. I often read the StyleWe blog and I found a great DIY article. I often make some parts of my clothes and I like DIY so much. This time the idea is how to cut a t-shirt for summer
I like the most Sassy Sleeveless. Great ideas for Your own projects. 
If You have not looked at just fashion now, it's a good idea to keep up. Many new things at attractive prices. It's great sale now on Spring/Summer clothes, and purchases from $59 are free of shipping costs. In addition, You can win a $150 coupon for shopping, just click on this link 
and enter the contest!

xoxo Alex

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