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Wedding Inspirations With Simple-Dresses.com

For a long time I am looking for inspiration related to my wedding. Time passes very quickly and this important day for me will be for 6 months. I made the decision about the number of bridesmaids. It can not be them too little and too much, it is also important even number, so there will be 4 or 6 :-) However, the bridesmaids also need something to wear. Searching the internet I found a great site with dresses Simple Dresses. I liked 3 of them and I would like to know what you think about them. They are Two Piece Prom Dresses and Mermaid Prom Dresses.

The first is a Fashion Two Piece Beading Dress  (https://www.simple-dress.com/simple-dress-fashion-two-pieces-beading-scoop-long-ruffle-prom-dresses-formal-dresses-evening-dresses-tupd-70694.htmlwith corset decorated and contracting flounced skirt. I like that it is in the shade of gold and this color will dominate trends in wedding this year.

Another dress is also Gorgeous Two Piece Beading Dress (https://www.simple-dress.com/gorgeous-two-pieces-beading-halter-neck-prom-dress-tulle-sleeveless-long-prom-dress.html). I think the delicate pink beautifully fit in with the atmosphere of the ceremony. Decorated with simple corset and long tulle skirt that is the essence of softness.

The last dress reminds me of the Academy Awards.Elegant Red Mermaid Dress (https://www.simple-dress.com/elegant-prom-dress-mermaid-bateau-neck-sleeveless-with-beading.htmlwith open back, decorated with beautiful lace front and a red bottom. It looks phenomenal.

Which one would you chose? I'm waiting for Your comment :-) I encourage you also to visit Simple Dresses. Online store has a huge selection of dresses for every occasion.

xoxo Alex

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